Five questions to ask yourself before undergoing plastic surgery

After recent reports of new cosmetic surgery ‘crazes’ in Dubai for things as far out as the “Superman six-pack” and the so called ‘side-bum’ – The Private Clinic in Jumeirah, Dubai has proposed five key questions people should ask themselves before going under the knife.

Have I done my research?

Plastic surgery is a serious commitment – both physically and emotionally – so you want to be confident in your choice of surgeon. Therefore, researching your options is absolutely essential. Make sure any surgeon is Board certified because then you know he/she is properly qualified and approved to perform cosmetic procedures. Also, look for recommendations from other people, and do plenty of research online with the various medical associations.

Is anyone pressuring me into this?

It is your body that is going to be changed by this procedure, so make sure you’re going through with it because you want to — not because of peer pressure, family comments, or for any external reason. If you do have concerns in this area it is a good idea to speak with a trusted friend or counsellor first.

Can I handle the pain and the recovery?

Although your surgeon will do all they can to make your recovery as easy as possible, as with all surgery there will be some discomfort and pain. And depending on the type of procedure, full recovery may take several weeks. You need to know you are able to go through this without becoming distressed.

Do I have realistic expectations about what surgery can achieve?

When you have sky-high expectations about a particular experience, it is easy to feel disappointed and resentful if the reality doesn’t match up. The same goes for plastic surgery, so ensure you understand its capabilities and its limitations. If you want to look exactly like Kim Kardashian – time to rethink the whole idea.

Am I doing this in reaction to a personal crisis?

We all go through tough times – whether it is a relationship breakdown, loss of job, or bereavement. And sometimes people use plastic surgery as a ‘quick fix’ or a distraction from facing the emotional hurt. This is not a good mindset to have before going into plastic surgery – give yourself time to think clearly and feel positive about any procedure.

Dr Ricardo Ferla is a Brazilian Triple-Board Certified, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Private Clinic. He says: “Having plastic surgery to improve your general confidence and as a way to increase your physical wellbeing can bring fantastic results. But responsible surgeons will always advise you to think carefully before undergoing a procedure – and indeed potential patients should be wary of any practitioner who appears to rush them into a decision.”