Four defraud Etisalat out of Dh500,000

two of the four are on the run

DUBAI 28 July 2017: Four salesmen, who worked for a company assigned by Etisalat to promote their services, allegedly forged smart phones and SIM cards applications and illegally used the telecom services of about half a million dirhams over three months period, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

KK, 40, Indian, HM, 23, Pakistani, and other two fugitives BS, Pakistani and AA, Indian, had the authority to check customer’s documents, and to endorse and approve mobile phone and SIM cards applications. The four also had the authority to log into Etisalat electronic system and to issue services to customers.

From May to July 2014, the four used customers’ documents and information exploiting authorities given to them and using their electronic IDs and passwords to log into the system and issue services to customers and so they could obtain smart phones and SIM cards.

According to the records, Fugitive BS, obtained 60 smart phones and SIM cards from the telecom provider. Out of this number only 11 were under his name and against his documents while on the rest 49 application, BS, forged client’s signature.

BS, illegally benefited of Dh188,720 Etisalat services.

Fugitive AA, forged 37 applications by forging signatures and using client’s documents. He caused Etisalat Dh120,460 losses.

KK, forged 32 applications in addition to issuing other two in his name and so he stole Dh98,687 value of services.

HM, obtained 18 smart phones and SIM cards, 8 of which were under his name and illegally benefited from Dh55,427, in services.

Records did not mention how these crimes were revealed.

Each of the four is facing seven charges namely: exploiting authority, forging applications, forging electronic documents, using forged documents, affecting the welfare of Etisalat, stealing mobile phones and telecom services, and unduly benefiting from Etisalat services.

The court will reconvene on August 24.

By Lolyana Zaki