Kidnappers tie relative to seat; passersby notice… call cops

they were at airport ready to leave uae

DUBAI 27 July 2017: Two Pakistani brothers allegedly kidnapped and beat up their Emirati relative claiming that he was not just with them, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

TA, 38, supervisor, and his younger brother MA, 32, visitor, were arrested two hours after committing their crime.

Having stuff in the rear boot of the car prevented the two from putting the severely injured and bleeding victim AH. So they put him inside the car but taped him to the back of the driver seat, giving him the opportunity to be noticed by passersby.

On March 15, at around 4am, 33-year-old AH, employee, got down from his flat in a building at Al Nahda area, heading to the parking at the 4th floor of the building, to go to work.

As I was stepping towards my car, and it was still dark, two men assaulted me using a steel bar. I was wounded i my leg, arm and face, bones were broken. I fell to the ground and my mobile and car key fell from my hand. The two ran towards my car, a Range Rover, and they carried me and put me in the back boot bleeding,” testified the victim who could recognize that his attackers were his relatives.

The attackers drove the victim’s car to the back of the building where they had their Honda. They put him in it.

TA asked his younger brother to carry the victim and put him in the boot. The younger brother said that there are stuff in the boot and so he cannot put the victim there. The victim was carried to the back seat of the car and the two attackers tied his hands and gagged his mouth before driving away to a petrol station in the same area.

Blood Stains

The younger asked his brother to buy tape from the mart at the station. The elder answered that he cannot do that because there were blood stains on his shirt. The younger one asked him to put on a jacket that was in the boot and which the latter did.

After buying the tape the attackers drove to Al Rashidya area and on their way they were saying that they will kill the victim and throw his body in the desert and then they will surrender to the police.

On their way, they stopped at the house of the elder brother. The two pinned the victim to the back of the Honda driver’s seat before the elder one left for his house to change his dress, the victim told investigators.

As the elder returned to the car, the younger left, changed his dress and came back. The elder one, drove his Camry and the younger followed him in his Honda.

Sandy Area

They stopped at a sandy area near a government department premises and left the Honda and the victim bleeding inside it and drove away in the Camry.

The victim struggled to release himself and to draw the attention of an Emirati who was exercising in the area but he could not.

After about two hours struggling, the victim managed to knock at the tinted glass until a Pakistani and then the Emirati who was exercising and some workers in the area gathered to find out what was going on in the car.

The men called the police and asked for ambulance as man who was tied up in the car was bleeding in the head and face and was in a very bad situation and unable to breathe because of lack of oxygen in the car.

Police arrived and the victim gave the names of his relatives who attacked him and who left for the airport to flee the country.

Caught @ Airport

Police informed the airport and authorities arrested the two brothers. The elder was planning to travel to the UK while the younger was heading back to his home country, Pakistan.

The victim was rushed to the hospital and medical reported that he sustained fractures in the right leg, left arm, nose, and face bones. This is in addition to wounds in the head and the ear.

Questioning them why they attacked the victim, the two said that they had family problems with him and that they reported the disputes to the authorities. But as they did not get their right and they did not get justice, they decided to do get it themselves.

They admitted that they arranged to flee the country and bought tickets prior to committing their crime.

The court will reconvene on August 27.

By Lolyana Zaki