Get 5G router for your at home for Dh210 a month

By DG Staff

DUBAI 17 July 2019: Slow browsing speeds are a thing of the past thanks to 5G – and Du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), is launching the UAE’s first 5G-ready WiFi router.

The wireless 5G terminal device from ZTE is available to customers with zero upfront, starting from Dh210 per month. Combined with one of Du’s Data SIM plans, consumers can take full advantage of blazing fast speeds for numerous devices.

The ZTE 5G router will allow customers to enjoy plug and play 5G access within all 5G-enabled areas of the UAE. Du’s 5G locations are set to grow throughout 2019 as its 5G rollout journey brings the next generation of connectivity to more parts of the country.

Fahad Al Hassawi, Deputy CEO – Telco, EITC, said: “Individuals, businesses, and government entities are looking to 5G to facilitate digital transformation. As our stable of 5G-ready devices continues to grow, combined with the Data SIM packages also available, we look forward to shaping consumers’ connected futures, both on the go and at home.”

50GB Data SIM

The ZTE 5G router enables customers to enjoy the brilliance of du’s 5G network by installing a 5G SIM card or 50GB Data SIM in the router for an additional Dh279 per month. This unlocks 5G WiFi speeds for users connected to the router, regardless of the network speed their device is currently operating on.

What this means for Du customers is that they can make the most of an enriched Internet connectivity experience without the common pain points associated with older network generations. With wireless 5G WiFi connectivity, this enables less congestion, reduced video buffering, uninterrupted HD video streaming, and more reliable connectivity for end users.

In June, Du introduced the UAE’s first 5G-ready device – the ZTE Axon 10 Pro – to the market, opening up new possibilities for customers in the UAE to stay connected.

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