Heavy rains, strong winds cause havoc in UAE

By Eudore R. Chand

Police urge careful driving in severe weather

ABU DHABI 11 November 2019: Slick roads presenting danger of skidding, blown off scaffolding, flooding and  a allegedly watery Dubai Mall – were just some of the results of heavy rains and strong winds that lashed the UAE yesterday.

Abu Dhabi Police  urged the public to drive carefully during severe weather conditions, after the National Centre for Meteorology forecast highlighted continuing cloudy conditions and the possibility of rain and wind, which will cause low visibility in the northern and eastern regions.

Police also urged drivers not to speed, and to drive below 80 kilometres-per-hour. It also instructed drivers to maintain a safe gap between vehicles and stressed the importance of monitoring weather forecasts and safety instructions on its smart platforms.

Abu Dhabi Police also encourages the public to drive at appropriate speed limits during fog and severe weather, noting that its radars are tuned to the stated speeds on traffic signs and smart towers on roads. It also urged drivers to follow related text messages sent by authorities to inform the public about weather and road conditions, said Wam.

In Dubai, the police urged motorists to take extra caution and follow traffic safety instructions due to water logging in some roads, including:

  • Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road
  • Emirates Road
  • and some internal roads

It urged motorists to be safe.

Police across the UAE did not reveal how many accidents were caused due to the inclement weather.


Sunday promises to be a windy and rainy day