Huge haul of ivory, rhino horns seized in Dubai

By Rajive Singh

2,272 pieces of ivory seized at Dubai airport

DUBAI 20 April 2019: The General Department of Airports Security at Dubai Police recently handed the Ministry of Environment and Water 2,272 pieces of ivory, weighing 1,346 kilos, that were being transported through Dubai Airports over the past months.

Colonel Muhammad Ahmad bin Delan, Deputy Director of Airports Security, said the seized shipments included ivory of elephants, gazelles and rhino horns.

“Dubai Police are well trained and can foil any attempt to smuggle forbidden materials,” bin Delan said.

“As Dubai airports are at the crossroads between Asia and Africa, we have the ability to detect smuggling attempts. We are focused on transit points to ensure ivory is not smuggled,” he added.

The deputy director of Airports Security said that UAE has been an active member of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites) agreement, since joining it in 1990. Dubai Police, he added, are keen to implement the agreement’s provisions to protect the environment and fight the illegal trade in ivory and other banned items.

According to UAE law, ivory smugglers or anyone caught smuggling endangered animals or any of their parts face heavy fines and/or a jail term or what the judge orders depending on the case.