I’m ‘President’s Family’, drop Dh12m case against me or else…

multi-racial case before dubai courts

DUBAI 19 July 2017: A Russian investor claimed to be a member of the Chechen ruling family and assigned an Australian to threaten a man who sued him for about Dh12 million in the Civil Court, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AL, 38, Russian asked NJ, 40, jobless Australian to threaten 41, Canadian manager, JS and his family in Lebanon and Dubai to drop a case the latter lodged against him with Dubai Courts.

NJ sent text message to the victim threatening him to hurt and kill his family in Lebanon if he does not drop the case.

NJ managed to obtain pictures of the victim’s parents and relatives in Lebanon and started bargaining with him about the claimed Dh11,979,796. But the latter refused to drop the case.

“To prove the seriousness of his threats, he sent me my parents and relatives pictures which assured the he knew their whereabouts and what they do,” the victim told investigators.

The victim got scared and informed the police.

Police arrested NJ and AL.

NJ told the police that he accepted to threaten the victim against an amount he would get.

The Russian told his accomplice that he is knew the whereabouts of the victim’s family as he was from the same family of the Chechen president and that he can reach anyone anywhere without being held accountable.

“I told the Russian that his claimant accepted to reduce the amount to Dh9m to show him that I succeeded in the mission,” the Australian told the prosecutors.

He also said that he obtained pictures of the victim’s parent and relatives from a person who does not know his location.

The Russian admitted that he assigned the Australian to threaten the victim.

Messages between the Australian and the victim proved the threats.

Records did not mention what was the financial dispute and relation subject of the threat.

Court will reconvene on August 20.

By Lolyana Zaki