International patent for Dewa’s One-Way Data System

By Rajive Singh

DUBAI 10 December 2017: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has received an international patent for its One-Way Data System, which was designed and implemented internally to ensure the security of data transmission from power and desalination stations to a shared platform.

This builds a knowledge base for decision-makers, enabling them to access data through smart devices. Receiving the patent adds a new achievement to Dewa’s roster of global achievements in creativity and innovation.

Developing and producing the system internally saved a lot of money for Dewa, compared to similar systems in the market. It has also enhanced the capacity and efficiency of Dewa’s staff to innovate and develop modern systems that address work requirements, and enhance the infrastructure for cyber security and network reliability and safety.

dewa patent

“We have a comprehensive strategy to motivate creative ideas and proposals that are the cornerstones of Dewa’s organisational values. We recognise the importance of keeping abreast of rapid technological developments by providing a motivating and quality environment that inspires the best creative solutions,” said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of Dewa.

Al Tayer noted that the One-Way Data System, developed by Dewa employees, supports the central information system for smart stations. It automatically and securely collects data from the power and water stations’ control systems in real time. It provides a comprehensive and integrated view of the state of operations and equipment, allowing accurate data analysis, which in turn supports quick decision-making to improve performance. Users can easily receive results anytime, anywhere, using smart devices.

The One-Way Data System meets the increasing need to connect control systems to create integrated central information systems, or communicate externally with equipment manufacturers to access remote services. The system ensures a one-way data flow from control systems to networks connected to the Internet, to protect the control system against cyber-attacks. The system managed to separate between the two networks, using software that was developed by Dewa internally. The system is characterised by high flexibility and can be used in various industrial control networks and to protect all types of information.