Iranian mole gets 10 years; 3 others in the dock

Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court hears security cases

ABU DHABI 11 August 2017: The Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court has sentenced, at the end of its session, “H.R.M.H.M,” a 48-year old Iranian, to 10 years imprisonment and deportation from the country after serving his sentence while obligating him to cover the costs of the case.

The court convicted the suspect of sharing intelligence with Iran, as well as deception and fraud, and smuggling equipment and tools used for the Iranian nuclear programme. It also convicted him of damaging the relations between the UAE and the United States, US, by importing equipment from the US and smuggling them into Iran, breaching the international sanctions against Iran that were imposed by the United Nations.

The court then adjourned to 27th August to review other cases, including the case of “H.E.M.Sh,” an Emirati accused of attempting to join Daesh and spreading information and photographs to promote the ideology of the terrorist organisation through social media.

The court listened to a witness brought in by the public prosecutor who gave his testimony, and it ordered the suspect to be diagnosed by the medical committee, based on a request from his lawyers.

The other postponed cases also include the cases against “E.M.H.R,” a 34-year old Emirati, and “S.M.E.S,” a 44-year old Gulf national residing in the UAE, who are accused by the prosecutor of sharing intelligence with agents working for the Iranian intelligence agencies, by communicating with an Iranian agent at the Iranian Consulate in Dubai and providing him with sensitive and confidential information about government establishments, damaging the UAE’s interests.

The prosecutor also accused them of damaging the UAE’s relations with Saudi Arabia, by spreading false and fabricated articles and information to offend Saudi Arabia and its political stances, which could damage the relations between the two countries.

The postponed cases also include the case against “S.M.E.E,” a 55-year old Emirati, who worked as an employee in one of the petroleum companies in Abu Dhabi, and is accused by the prosecutor of colluding with the Iranian intelligence agencies through an agent working at the Iranian Consulate in Dubai, by supplying him with confidential information related to the UAE’s oil wells. As the information was leaked to Iranian agents, it could harm the UAE’s overall interests and damage its economy.