I was kidnapped, raped, robbed: Lady of the Night

Garage staff use clients cars to chase, engage, steal from and dump street ladies

DUBAI 30 July 2017: Two garage worker used customers’ cars to chase prostitutes and having sex with them, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On April 28, IA, at around 3am, 36 Indian and MD, 24, Pakistani, drove a car of a customer to Al Rifaa area and stopped at a petrol station near a hotel where prostitutes were.

RA, 21, Pakistani visitor, agreed to offer them sex for Dh500 each.

She rode their car and they drove to Al Rumoul area where they had sex with the woman in the car.

The younger man, MD, was with prostitute in the back seat and after finishing sex, he searched her bag and stole Dh600. Then the other man IA, snatched her mobile. Then the woman was asked to move to the front seat.

“When I got off the car, MD, pushed me on to the street, threw my bag out of the car and drove away,” the woman complained to the police claiming that she was kidnapped, raped and robbed.

She said that the men claimed they are CID.

Woman Detained

Police suspected the woman’s story so she was detained.

Reviewing CCTV footage of the petrol station, police found that the woman rode in the car willingly.

Police also identified the car’s plate number and its owner.

On the following night, April 29, police patrols planted in the area spotted the car roaming around at 4am.

The two accused were also seen talking to women near the same station.

Stopped for Questioning

Policemen stopped the two men to question them.

The driver of the car tried to drive away – and while doing that – he hit the police patrol car.

Policemen arrested the two and drove them to Al Rifaa police station.

The two admitted to having consensual sex with the woman, stealing her money and mobile before pushing her out of the car the night before.

They also admitted that the car was one of the client’s of the garage they work in.

The woman admitted that she willingly offered the two sex for money.

The court will reconvene on August 14.

By Lolyana Zaki