Make unlimited Internet calls to anywhere: Etisalat

By Angel Chan

 Launches Internet Calling Plans

ABU DHABI 6 December 2017: UAE telecom provider Etisalat has long last offered plans that allow Internet calls.

It says that with a subscription to any of the Internet Calling Plans, you can make unlimited Voice & Video calls with any of our supported applications. These free calls are only supported app-to-app of which there are only two – Botim and C’Me.

With these apps that can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play, Etisalat says you can:
• Call other users who have the same app as you
• No other charges for the calls
• Once you subscribe, all you need to get started is an eLife at home or Mobile Data

However, non-app calls are not free and will be charged as follows:

• Non-App Calls – Charged as per your existing mobile package
• Mobile Data Consumption – Charged as per your mobile package or data plan

Internet Calling Plans

Plan Type Rental Fee/Validity To Subscribe To Unsubscribe Benefits
Internet Calling Plan for Mobile AED 50
Monthly (auto-renewal)
– SMS ICP to 1012- My Etisalat App – SMS CCP to 1012- My Etisalat App Enables you to make voice & Video calls on the move via your mobile data connection*
Internet Calling Plan for eLife AED 100
Monthly (auto-renewal)
– Dial 125 from your home telephone and follow the prompts- My Etisalat App

– Call 101

– SMS C EICP to 1010- My Etisalat App

– Call 101

Enables you & all family members make voice & Video calls from eLife home Wi-Fi