Naif Road closed for a month; Take new circular bus route

Circular Bus Route will start from the Union Metro Station

DUBAI 8 July 2017: RTA’s Public Transport Agency has launched a circular bus route service as of July 8, 2017, to meet the needs of bus commuters at Naif Road due to the closure of this road for one month to carry out maintenance works starting from that date.

Mohammed Abu Bakr Al Hashemi, Director of Planning & Business Development, RTA’s Public Transport Agency said, “The purpose of providing this service is to meet the needs of public bus riders affected by the temporary closure of Naif Road. All bus routes serving Bus Stops of Naif Junction (2) and Burj Nahar Junction (2) would be suspended. Therefore, a temporary alternative circular bus service is required until the completion of maintenance works of Naif Road.

“The Circular Bus Route will start from the Union Metro Station, pass through Naif Park, Naif Junction (1), Burj Nahar Junction (1), and Al Nakhal Stop before heading back to the Union Metro Station. Bus commuters can use temporary alternative routes from the Union MS to travel to their various destinations. The temporary alternative circular route service would run at 15 minutes intervals throughout the day. All affected routes and stops would not be served during the closure of Naif Road for maintenance,” explained Al-Hashemi.

“It is worth mentioning that users of affected bus stops are as much as 394 thousand riders per month (about 13 thousand riders per day). In view of the huge number of commuters using the affected routes, RTA was prompted to find an immediate solution for serving the needs of affected bus riders.

“RTA pays considerable attention to the resilience of mass transit network in Dubai such that it can always provide convenient and smooth mobility. These are the exact objectives sought by RTA in its vision of offering Safe & Smooth Transport for All,” added the Director of Planning & Business Development, Public Transport Agency.

By Angel Chan