Top cop blames negligent parents, drivers for kids left in car

By DG Staff

DUBAI 17 June 2019: One of the highest ranking Dubai Police officials has criticized ‘negligent’ parents and drivers for the [sometimes fatal] cases of children being left behind in locked vehicles in the sweltering summer months.

Maj Gen Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri

Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander General (CID) said cases of children being left inside vehicles comes through negligence and distraction of parents and drivers.

He issued the statement following the death of a 6-year old Asian boy who died after being left in a locked bus in Al Quoz area of Dubai.

There have been several cases of children left in cars by parents who have gone shopping prompting people to call the police to rescue the kids.


6-year old Dubai child left locked in bus dies

Illustrative Image of police supervising a break-in to rescue a child locked in the car

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