No ‘poison’ in ‘Dettol’ soap: Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality responds to Dettol soap rumours

DUBAIĀ 30 August 2017: The Dubai Municipality on Tuesday said that the rumour circulating on social media channels regarding Dettol soap is incorrect.

The municipality’s Health and Safety Department clarified that the information, which has been circulating through a video clip of an interview with an Arab television channel, indicating that Dettol soap has a poisonous chemical substance, has no basis, said Wam.

The Consumer Goods Safety Section in the municipality informed consumers that the information provided in the news item on one of the satellite channels about the damage caused by the use of the product on the skin of a consumer has no scientific basis and is also incorrect according to the product database of the municipality.

The components used in personal care products are different from those used for household purposes and cleaning even if they are from the same brand. In addition, Dettol is a trade name for several products and not a chemical component with specific characteristics.

The municipality also confirmed that all products are allowed to be traded in Dubai only after the results of the tests match the approved control procedures that guarantee the safety of the product. There is a system in place to reconfirm the results with competent authorities locally and internationally in this field.

The Consumer Goods Safety Section has also recommended the need to report and inquire about the status of consumer products traded in the emirate of Dubai through different communication methods, as well as read the usage instructions and other details on the product information card.

By Angel Chan