After revolutionary Dubai Lamp… comes ‘Dubai Tap’

By Rajive Singh

Dubai Municipality signs Dubai Tap agreement to save water

DUBAIĀ 27 October 2017: Dubai Municipality has signed an agreement to produce a highly efficient water tap that can save water in big quantities. The product, named Dubai Tap, will be used to save ablution water in Dubai’s mosques during the first phase of the project.

Dubai Tap is expected to save 80 per cent of ablution water from being wasted, said Wam.

Ahmed Saeed Al Badwawi, Director of Applied Sustainability and Renewable Energy Department of Dubai Municipality, signed the agreement with Ali Majid Al Shamsi, Assistant Director of the Hamad Rahma Al Shamsi General Trading Corporation, in the presence of Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of Dubai Municipality. The company will produce and market Dubai Tap by employing modern and innovative technology in this field.

dubai tap

Lootah said that the agreement is in line with the UAE Vision and Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 to make Dubai the most innovative and sustainable city by improving air quality, conserving water resources, increasing clean energy contribution and implementing green growth plans.

“It is an embodiment of the objectives of the Applied Sustainability and Renewable Energy Department in Dubai Municipality to start the first innovation in water saving. This tap will achieve the greatest possible savings in water ablution, and will be used in all existing and new mosques in Dubai as a first phase,” he said.

Lootah pointed out that every year approximately 35,100 litres of water is consumed by a person during ablution.

As per the agreement, the company shall bear all production and marketing costs for the product, while the municipality shall encourage property developers to use Dubai Tap and work on the success of the initiative by all possible means. A joint working group has also been formed for overseeing the implementation of the agreement.