Route 2020: New diversions on Jebel Ali-Lahbab Road

part of construction works of Route 2020 Project.

DUBAI 9 June 2017: The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai announced traffic diversions on Jebel Ali-Lahbab Road, as part of construction works of Route 2020 Project.

The traffic diversions will remain in place until the completion of the required works. Minor changes will be made in the lanes of Jebel Ali-Lahbab Road in both directions to make room for casting the piers of Dubai Metro’s elevated track in the median, while maintaining the same number of the existing lanes, said Adel Al Marzouqi, Director of the Right-of-Way at RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency.

lahbab diversion

“RTA has set up a plan for the temporary traffic diversions of Route 2020, which will be undertaken over several phases during the project construction period. The project teams and contractors will do their best to ensure a smooth traffic flow and minimize the impact on residents until completion of all project works.

“These parties are keen on constructing the infrastructure of Route 2020 according to the plan and timetable set to ensure smooth traffic flow on roads and internal roads of residential and business complexes affected by this strategic project,” added Al Marzouqi.

Al Marzouqi called upon motorists and road users to pay attention to traffic diversions and follow the directional signs to ensure their safety and avoid congestions that may trigger traffic jams for extended periods. “Works will continue day-and-night until the completion of Route 2020 Project,” he concluded.

By Angel Chan