Rumours of ‘exceptional’ controls on media denied

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 1 April 2020: The Community Development Authority (CDA), yesterday refuted false rumours circulating on social media about “exceptional measures and controls” on phone calls and social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

The authority urged the community to not pay heed to rumours and fake news and rely only on information verified to have been issued by official sources. The CDA said the image of the logo of a government entity does not make a piece of information valid or official.

Reiterating that the information attributed to it was completely false, the Community Development Authority pointed out that the telecommunications sector is not part of its responsibilities and is managed by other departments.

The authority stressed that spreading false and misleading information, rumours and fake news is a crime under UAE Law. Such malicious acts threaten the safety and stability of the community, it concluded.



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