Saudi Arabia allows up to 4-year multiple entry visa…

to french passport holders

DUBAI 27 May 2017: The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in France has announced that, effective immediately, French passports holders travelling to Saudi Arabia are eligible for multiple-entry visit visas valid for up to four years.

The government fee for this new category of visit visa is yet to be confirmed, according to Fragomen Middle East News Flash.

Visitors to Saudi Arabia typically apply for a commercial or work visit visas which are issued for a single-entry or multiple-entry for six, 12 and 24 months.

For citizens of the countries which have existing bilateral agreements with Saudi Arabia, the visit visas are normally issued with a longer validity. Until now, French nationals were able to obtain visit visas to Saudi Arabia with a validity of up to 24 months, at the visa issuing authority’s discretion.

French nationals travelling to Saudi Arabia can now benefit from visit visas issued with a validity of up to four years.

By Angel Chan