UAE refutes claims of open skies with Iran

ABU DHABI 7 May 2020: The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), said on Wednesday that it has given landing permissions to Iran for the sole purpose of repatriating Iranian citizens stranded in the UAE. […]

UAE aid for Iran; Sharjah, Ajman close venues

UAE 17 March 2020: The United Arab Emirates yesterday announced that it sent two aid planes carrying critical medical supplies to Iran to support the latter’s efforts to combat the coronavirus, Covid-19, disease. The two […]

Attack on Tankers: UAE does not point fingers

MOSCOW 27 June 2019: The United Arab Emirates said on Wednesday that circumstantial and compelling evidence is needed to apportion blame for the last month’s attacks on four oil tankers in the country’s territorial waters. […]

Emirates reroutes flights as US-Iran tensions rise

Check your flight times DUBAI 22 June 2019: Dubai-based Emirates Airline said Friday that in light of the current situation, Emirates has taken precautionary measures including rerouting all flights away from areas of possible conflict. […]

UAE asks airlines to avoid Iran airspace

GCAA calls on air operators to reassess current flight paths DUBAI 23 June 2019: The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), has called on registered air operators within the UAE to evaluate flight paths affected by […]

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