Two Arabs jailed for insulting UAE, its officials and its laws

Federal Supreme Court issues verdicts in 3 security cases

ABU DHABI 23 May 2017: The State Security Court at the UAE Federal Supreme Court rejected, during its session yesterday, the appeal of M.F.S of Arab nationality, and confirmed a previous verdict issued against him from the Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court of a six-month prison sentence and expulsion from the country after the conclusion of the sentence period, as well as forcing him to pay the legal costs of the case.

The accused was convicted of insulting the nation and its laws, said Wam.

In another case, the court rejected the appeal of A.N.J, UAE national, and confirmed the verdict against him of a two-year prison sentence and obliging him to pay for the legal costs. He was convicted by the Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court of publicly insulting the country’s officials through a statement released from one of the emirate’s police central operations room.

The State Security Court appealed a previous verdict from the Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court against M.S.S, a 22-year old UAE female national, to a five-year prison sentence, reserving 29th May as the date to review the case.

The court listened to the request of the appellant to be transferred from Al Wathba Prison to another facility, mentioning that she had already served one year and seven months of her sentence. The court directed the public prosecution to review her request and consider her health condition.

The Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court previously convicted her of seeking to form a terrorist group, providing funds for this group through a third party and creating accounts on social media to promote the terrorist group’s ideas.

The court also accepted to review the appeal of A.M.J, who was convicted by the Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court. The accused was notified that the defence lawyer did not arrive and asked the court to postpone the case until an attorney is present. Therefore, the court adjourned the case to 29th May to listen to the lawyer’s defence argument.

The accused was convicted by the Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court for attempting to kill a foreign person by running him over with his car, where he received a life sentence. The court also ordered the accused’s vehicle to be confiscated and all associated social media accounts to be closed.

By Rajive Singh