UAE Central Bank notes and coins @ Dh78.3 billion

total banknotes by the end of April at Dh77.2 billion

ABU DHABI: 6 June 2017: The total monetary aggregate issued in the UAE amounted to Dh78.3 billion during the first third of 2017, an increase of Dh790 million over the end of 2016, according to UAE Central Bank statistics.

According to CB figures, the total banknotes issued by the bank by the end of April are valued at Dh77.2 billion, a 1 per cent increase over the end of 2016 when the total value reached Dh76.423 billion, said Wam.

The coins issued by the bank were valued at Dh1.137 billion by the end of the first third compared to Dh1.121 billion by the end of 2016.

In more detail, the value of CB’s issued banknotes amounted to Dh76.11 billion by the end of January, rising to Dh76.413 billion in February, going all the way up to Dh78.99 billion in March before settling at Dh77.2 billion in April .

The bank’s coins were valued at Dh1.125 billion in January, rising to Dh1.128 billion in February, going up to Dh1.131 billion in March before ending at Dh1.137 billion by the end of April.

By Rajive Singh