UAE’s non-oil trade at Dh1.6 trillion in 2019

ABU DHABI 10 June 2020: The total value of the UAE’s non-oil trade in 2019 grew 4.4 percent to Dh1.603 trillion, compared to Dh1.536 trillion in 2018, according to figures revealed by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, FCSA, today.

The FCSA’s figures showed that all non-oil-related trade indexes in the UAE improved last year, led by the export and re-export trade indices, with the latter amounting to Dh457.4 billion against Dh431.55 billion in 2018, accounting for 28.5 percent of total foreign trade. Exports comprised 14.4 percent of the total trade volume, rising from Dh206 billion to Dh231.23 billion during the reference period. The imports rose from around Dh898.37 billion to Dh914.8 billion, or 58 percent of the total foreign trade.

The FCA said that the country’s non-oil trade partners remained stable in the year, with the Asia and Pacific Ocean region coming at the top of the list. China comes first with a total trade exchange volume of Dh184.15 billion last year, followed by India at Dh152 billion. Saudi Arabia comes next with a total trade exchange of Dh113.25 billion, then the US, Dh96.56 billion, Switzerland, Dh65.2 billion, and then Oman, Dh55.4 billion. The trade volume with Iraq reached Dh53.75 billion, while it amounted to Dh48 billion with Japan, Dh44.7 billion with Germany and Dh38.88 billion with Kuwait.