What is the secret of this ‘Emeral Mosque’

Compared to the fictional city in the Land of Oz

Centuries old Shah-e-Cheragh mausoleum and mosque is hiding mesmerising Islamic art and architecture behind its doors.


It may not be clear why Iran’s Shah-e-Cheragh is known as the Emerald Mosque from the outside. But behind its doors it hides a jaw-dropping secret.

According to the UK Mirror newspaper, the stunning interior features thousands of shards of green glass that stretch from the wall to ceiling.


The magical green hue has led people to draw comparisons with the famous fictional city in the Land of Oz.

The temple, which is also known as the Mausoleum of King of the Light, is decked out with phenomenal Islamic art and architecture.

Mesmerising photos from inside the huge religious building in Fars province, Shiraz, show plush marble floor and Iranian carpets reflected in the mirrors.

And sparkling drop chandeliers dangling from the ceiling above colourful stained glass windows that adorn the inside.


The masoleum is the resting place of brothers Amir Ahmad and Mir Muhammad, who are sons of the seventh Imam and brothers of Imam Reza, who died at the spot in AD 835, according to the paper.

A structure was built to house the tomb and as time went by it became more and more complex.