Worker uses his victim’s mobile after a year and a half from killing her

Using the mobile phone of a murdered woman after a year and a half from committing the crime, help revealed the identity of the killer.

The killer, MD, 29, Bangladeshi worker was in a relationship with the victim SB, airline staff whose dissolved boy was found in the desert near Invest Park six months after her death.

On January 5, 2014, police was informed about finding a dissolved body in the desert with an ID card near it.

The body was of a woman, with a scarf around the neck who had been killed in March 2013, investigations proved.

The victim’s employer and colleagues recognised the victim and told investigators that she did not appear since March 2013.

Forensic reported suffocation was the cause of death.
Investigations proved that the victim was in a relationship with a Bangladeshi worker but could not reach him until he used the victim’s mobile phone and number on September 7, 2015, a year and a half after killing her during which he left the country and turned back.

The accused used the victim’s mobile phone and number from his accommodation. Police rushed to the location and arrested him.

When investigating the mysterious murder of the victim, Police detected several calls between the victim and the accused before the murder.

Investigations also revealed that the two were in a relationship before the murder, testified Major Khalid Zweid.
The victim was the accused’s mistress and had sex several times near a supermarket. They were also spotted together buying stuff from the supermarket.

The accused had resigned his job in March 2013, a day before killing the victim. He then left the country in April after a couple of days from committing the crime, police discovered.

Records did not mention when the accused returned to the country, but using her mobile and SIM card revealed his location.

Friend of the accused, LM, 28, Bangladeshi worker told investigators that the accused told him about having a relationship with SB. The relationship dated back to a year and a half before, the accused disappeared.

“However, he did not tell me the nature of the relationship,” testified the friend.

“Once I talked to her from his mobile phone and she told me her name. I knew that they used to meet every Friday at 4pm. One day, my friend was very upset and told me that the woman is asking him for money because she wants to go on vacation. He was very angry because she threatened him of breaking up and going to another man if he failed to give her the amount,” testified LM.

Confronting him with the crime, MD admitted to suffocating the woman with her scarf after having sex with her in the desert claiming that he argued with her about her price.

“In 2013, I knew the woman through a compatriot friend, who told me that she offers sex against money and supplied me with her contact number.

I called her and agreed to meet her at Gate 1, Jebel Ali port. After meeting, we took a taxi and she guided the driver to an area near Dubai Invest. We got off the taxi and walked for about two minutes in the desert. Behind a hill, we had sex and then she asked me for Dh500.
She raged in anger when I told her that I have only Dh200. She pulled me from my shirt and threatened me of informing the police while was dragging me to the main road. I got very scared and caught the two sides of a scarf she was wearing around her neck and strongly pulled them for about two minutes. As she fell down, I realized that she died. I stole her mobile phone and ran away,” he said admitting to his crime before prosecutors.

However, in court, MD denied the premediated murder and theft accusations and he told the jury that he knew nothing about the crime and that he was not in the country in the said murder date.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance awarded MD life in jail term and ordered him to be deported after serving his jail term in June.

On Monday, the court of Appeal before which he also denied the crime, upheld the verdict.