You, the consumer, will be protected by UAE law

By Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 26 December 2019: The UAE cabinet has approved the issue of a Federal Law on Consumer Protection.

The government endeavours to continuously develop legislation that affects the lives of UAE citizens and residents, in a manner that guarantees the protection of consumers and stability of prices in accordance with best practices.

The law is in line with the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries’, GCC, Unified Law on Consumer Protection. It aims to continue providing adequate protection to consumers in light of the technological advancement and accelerated growth seen by the electronic commerce. The law also ensures the delivery of goods and services according to production and distribution patterns tailored to consumers’ needs and limits any practices that may have negative impacts on consumers, said Wam.

The law also aims to encourage sustainable consumption and provides the necessary conditions for creating a free market where consumers are granted the right to choose freely with fair prices. In addition, the Law encourages the creation of a code of ethics for goods and services producers and distributors.

Once issued, the law will regulate the work of suppliers, advertisers and commercial agents with regard to consumer protection, control price increases under unusual circumstances, ensure the implementation of guarantees for goods and services provided by the producer or principal and regulate the e-commerce work. Besides, the law will determine the applicable penalties and grievances in this regard.