What caused the Torch to blaze? Residents get to visit their flats

DUBAI 6 August 2017: The fire at the Torch Tower is over – but it is a reminder of what needs to be done now.

Dubai Civil Defence has allowed residents to visit their apartments and take whatever precious things they need.

Residents are being put up in nearby hotels – but the question they fear is… for how long?

Right now, no one can say when they will be allowed to make their apartments their home again. Apparently, some apartments in the affected floors escaped with little or no damage while others were scorched by the ferocity of the blaze.

No fatalities and no injuries – in such a huge fire – is in itself is a resounding compliment to the efficiency of the squad on the ground.

Dubai Marina’s Torch Tower is the world’s fifth tallest residential building with 86 floors

Now the question is what caused the fire?

The Dubai Civil Defence does not suspect arson after initial investigations.

Dubai has constantly upgraded and improved its buidling codes – which are among the best in the world. But fires still happen.

According to construction experts – there are four major likely causes of fires in high-rise buildings.

1. Negligence by developer’s management and/or residents
2. Use of inflammable cladding
3. Non-fire retardant insulation/packing between walls and cladding – in older buildings
4. Inflammable rubber grouting between cladding panels
We will sooner or later find out what caused the Torch to blaze.

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Torch Tower fire successfully put out… what happens next?

By Eudore R. Chand