Endangered Nile lechwe find safe haven in UAE

By Divi S.

AL AIN 19 January 2019: The Al Ain Zoo will provide a safe sanctuary for ten Nile lechwes in the Al Ain Safari, the largest man-made safari in the world.

The Nile lechwe (Kobus megaceros) is an endangered species of antelope found in the Nile Basin of Sudan and on the borders of Ethiopia. It is classified in the Red List by the World Conservation Union (IUCN), as an endangered species on the verge of extinction as a result of overhunting and the building of dams. It is often seen in shallow waters 10 to 40 centimetres in depth, said Wam.

Omar Yousef Al Blooshi, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication at Al Ain Zoo said, “The zoo includes a diverse group of wild animals belonging to different environments from around the world, and many of these species are endangered, as they live in fragile environments which are facing factors which threaten their survival.”

Al Ain Zoo is committed to raising environmental awareness in the community, and has periodically launched educational campaigns for different ages, highlighting the importance of the conservation of endangered animals.

The 10 Nile lechwes will now find a new safe haven at Al Ain Zoo, along with 25 per cent of the world’s endangered species, according to the IUCN classification.