Nine merchants fined for hiking facemask prices

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 15 April 2020: The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP), division at Dubai Economy has imposed fines on nine merchants, including five pharmacies, a supply company, a supermarket, and a trading company for taking advantage of the present circumstances by inflating the prices of face masks.

Dubai Economy said in a statement issued on Monday that the action was taken following consumer complaints and an investigation by the CCCP, which confirmed that the nine merchants had violated consumer protection law by inflating prices.

The pharmacies were located in Al Quoz 1, Al Mizhar, Al Warqa 1 and Al Sabkha. The last merchant fined was a factory that sold goods online at higher prices.

Dubai Economy confirmed it will continue to track and analyse the causes of price increases and work to reduce them in addition to punitive actions against violators. A repeat offence would result in doubling of the fines and may lead to the closing down of the outlet.

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It reminded businesses to refrain from taking undue advantage of the present situation and also called on pharmacies and medical equipment suppliers to demonstrate their social responsibility by reducing the prices of essentials, such as face masks, sanitisers, and disinfectants.

Consumers can report any negative practices, especially those relating to prices of basic needs, on the DED Price portal launched recently to expedite responses to consumer queries and complaints, or by calling 600 54 55 55.



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