CDA denies reports on assistance to unemployed

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 4 June 2020: The Ministry of Community Development (CDA) has denied the authenticity of statements attributed to it and reported by some media outlets, newspapers and social media accounts.

The reports came after the participation of Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, CDA Minister at the 10th session of the Federal National Council, which was held remotely on Tuesday.

The ministry said the statements circulated were taken out of context, especially those related to the provision of aid to the unemployed, which came following the discussion of the federal law authorizing the disbursement of exceptional social assistance to those unemployed for reasons beyond their control, in accordance with Article (7) of Social beneficiary Law for the year 2001, said Wam.

The ministry also confirmed that the number of unemployed categories was reported by a member of the Federal National Council – a number that has not been confirmed by the ministry.

The ministry called on the media and involved social media accounts to examine their accuracy and objectivity, and adhere to their obligation to publish the correct information to the public.

Aid to unemployed Emiratis

Adnan Hamad Mohammed Al Hammadi, FNC member, asked a question to CDA minister, saying “the Federal National Law No. (2) of 2001 concerning social beneficiary provides exceptional social assistance to unemployed categories. Why doesn’t the ministry disburse these assistance to all entitled Emiratis?

The ministry’s response was that the UAE was very keen to provide for the wellbeing of all Emiratis and protect them socially, specifically Emiratis who are going through exceptional circumstances that prevented them from having good livelihoods for themselves and their families.The UAE takes into consideration that these categories are unemployed for reasons beyond their own will, thus providing them with exceptional social assistance temporarily until they join work.

In its response, the ministry said that federal Law No. 2 of 2001 concerning social beneficiary had specified in Article (4) the categories to be entitled to social assistance, such as: widowers, elderly people, orphans, children of unknown parents and other categories stipulated in the law.

Unemployed for six months

Those unemployed categories are not included yet Article (7) of the law for allowed disbursement of exceptional social assistance to those unemployed for reasons out of their own will and who do not have any source of income for six months.

The ministry also takes into consideration when receiving applications some factors such as financial cases, temporary disability, exposure to loss of trade, weakness or lack of a qualification.

The ministry’s response to the question included a presentation about the exceptional social assistance for those unemployed categories for reasons out of their will; the social assistance have been disbursed to 3,245 cases since 2017.

The Ministry of Community Development is keen to simplify the procedures for obtaining the services to different categories of the community particularly social beneficiaries.



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