Cabinet reviews plans to prevent Covid-19 spread

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 4 March 2020: The UAE Cabinet was yesterday briefed on the latest developments and preventive measures taken by all concerned national authorities to protect the community from the new coronavirus (Covid-19.

The cabinet reviewed all procedures and mechanisms, as well as the robust and thorough prevention and public awareness plans being carried out. It commended the work of health authorities and the National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, to ensure the health and wellbeing of all UAE citizens, residents, and visitors to the country.

Cabinet members emphasised the seriousness with which the UAE Government is treating the threat posed by coronavirus to public health. It stressed that all work is being conducted according to international best practice, that the UAE Government is coordinating closely with regional and international partners, and that plans and procedures are being amended as necessary on receipt of new information, said Wam.

“The public and private sectors, as well as the UAE federal and local authorities, have undertaken strict measures to implement the highest standards of sanitation, health and safety protocols. All operational guidelines are being reviewed by all appropriate institutions and as such, all normal daily activities across all sectors in the country will continue uninterrupted and unchanged.

“Over the coming days, we will continue to receive expert recommendations and monitor developments closely to adjust, if at all, our procedures accordingly,” the cabinet noted in a statement.

Be wary of rumours

It urged the community to be wary of misinformation and rumours circulated from within the UAE and abroad, and to follow instead the official accounts of authorities and accredited media outlets.

UAE with Italy in countering the spread of Covid-19

Through a telephone call, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy, yesterday discussed the relations between the UAE and Italy.

They also talked about ways of developing and enhancing their cooperation to achieve their mutual interests, along with several issues and topics of common concern.

During the phone call, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed expressed the UAE’s solidarity with Italy in countering the spread of Covid-19, affirming the UAE’s readiness to cooperate and provide various forms of support. He was also briefed by Conte about the efforts of the Italian government to contain and control the spread of the virus.

Sheikh Mohamed also expressed his confidence in the ability of the Italian government to counter the spread of coronavirus and its success in taking the necessary measures, which support the related efforts of the international community.

He then offered his sincere condolences and sympathy to Conte and to the Italian people for the victims of the virus while wishing a speedy recovery to those affected.

Conte thanked Sheikh Mohamed for his solidarity with Italy and its people and said he is proud of the close relations between the two countries.

Abu Dhabi suspends international patient care services

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, DoH, the regulator of the healthcare sector in the emirate, has announced the temporary suspension of international patient care (IPC), services.

This decision comes in line with DoH’s continuous efforts to prioritise patients’ health and safety while ensuring that all precautionary measures are being taken in light of the new coronavirus, Covid-19, outbreak to limit the risk of contagion.

DoH reaffirmed its cooperation with all the concerned authorities including the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, Seha, to ensure that IPC patients have access to comprehensive, continuous and timely healthcare services, taking into consideration their health condition until it is safe for patients to be sent abroad for treatment.

Hind Al Zaabi, Acting Director of International Patient Care Division at DoH, said, “As soon as the World Health Organisation declared the new coronavirus, Covid-19, a global health emergency, we deemed it crucial to take immediate action and implement rigorous measures to control the spread of the virus. Taking protective measures are essential to ensure the health and safety of our society.”

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi has urged the public to reach out to the Istijaba call centre on 8001717 in case of any inquiries regarding Covid-19. For enquiries related to IPC services, people can contact the concerned division on 024175555.

DoH through its command centre keeps monitoring around-the-clock the treatment of its UAE international patients and stays in touch with them continuously.

Bahrain releases 12 after 14-day quarantine

MANAMA: The Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Bahrain has announced that 12 individuals have been given the green light to leave quarantine after completing a preventative mandatory 14 day stay, having tested negative for the Coronavirus, Covid-19.

The Bahrain News Agency quoted the ministry as saying that the twelve individuals include ten Bahraini nationals returning from Iran, and one Bahraini and one Chinese national, both returning from China. The Ministry further explained that the individuals had been monitored closely by a highly specialised medical team for the duration of their quarantine.

The ministry affirmed that the measures taken within all quarantine centres are in line with established guidelines set out by the World Health Organization, aimed at combating the spread of the virus and safeguarding the health of citizens and residents.


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