Covid Impact: Number of eStores in UAE surge by 150%

By DG Staff

ABU DHABI 8 April 2020: The number of stores providing e-services for consumers in the UAE rose by 150 percent in the past two weeks, according to an updated list published by the Telecommunications Regulation Authority, TRA.

This significant surge reflects the expansion of e-services in accordance with the high demand from consumers in the United Arab Emirates.

The updated list published by the authority also shows that many e-stores are specialised in consumer goods, as well as medicines, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

In detail, the number of mobile applications of e-stores rose to 55 as of 6th April, compared to 22 in the preliminary list published two weeks ago, said Wam.

The TRA noted that the number of e-stores on the list is expected to continue growing in the coming days to meet the consumer demand.

The beginning of the current year witnessed an increase in consumer demand for e-shopping around the country, leading to an increase in online sales and a decrease in overcrowding in traditional stores.

Market studies performed by many specialist authorities in the country, including the Ministry of Economy, estimate an increase in e-consumer behaviour in the UAE in 2020, which will lead to a predicted increase in e-commerce business to over US$19.77 billion.



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