Dh50,000+ 24-carat sunglasses go on sale in Dubai

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 31 March 2019: Luxury menswear brand Billionaire, known for its eccentric, sophisticated and impeccable style using the finest Italian craftsmanship, has set a new and extremely high standard in the world of extravagance.

Price begins from Dh50,145,

Introducing its latest pair of shades, designed with 32 grams of 24 carat pure gold, this unique pair was produced by the iconic French fashion house, Dalloz in Saint-Claude. The aviator styled frames along with the temples, nose pads, rims and screws are all entirely lavishly plated in pure gold.

The gold plaque is also known as the most popular form of blocking infrared radiation and thus acts as a measure of protection. These particular aviators are construed to minimize and block the harmful ultraviolet rays that surrounds us daily.

These new, engineered shades are available upon request and made to measure. Personalized customization of your name is also available upon request.


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