Each Dubai neighbourhood to have its own cop

By Sheena Amos

Dubai Police launches ‘Policeman in Your Neighbourhood’

DUBAI 8 January 2019: Dubai Police has launched the ‘Policeman in Your Neighbourhood’ platform, as one of the community policing platforms.

Under the initiative along the lines of Neighbourhood Watch in Western countries, a Dubai Police officer acts as a liaison between Dubai citizens and residents and the General Command of the Dubai Police, to monitor and solve problems in residential areas.

It also recruits residents from the community.

The e-volunteering platform announcement was made during an open-meeting with Dubai Police’s volunteers at Dubai Officers Club, in the presence of number of officers and cadets, said Wam.

According to Sheikha Al Abdouli, Head of Awareness Section at the Crime Prevention Department, “The platform aims to address negative phenomena, reduce crime rate, following-up on police community reports and serve people in residential districts,” she added.

First Lieutenant Khalifa Al Roum, Secretary-General of Dubai Police Youth Council, said the platform will also be used to measure the performance of policemen in dealing with and solving various problems in their residential areas.

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