Egypt asks UN to probe Qatar’s $1 billion to terrorists in Iraq

negative bearing on counter-terrorism efforts

CAIRO 10 June 2017: Egypt urged on Thursday the UN Security Council to open investigation over Qatar’s payment of $1 billion as ransom to a terrorist group active in Iraq.

“It is everywhere in the news that Qatar paid up to $1 billion to a terrorist group active in Iraq in order to release members of its royal family,” senior Egyptian UN diplomat told the Security Council, said Wam.

“This violation of the Security Council resolutions, if proved correct, shall definitely have a negative bearing on counter-terrorism efforts on the ground,” he said. “We propose that the council launch a comprehensive investigation into this incident and other similar incidents.”

UN Security Council resolutions call on states “to prevent terrorists from benefiting directly or indirectly from ransom payments or from political concessions and to secure the safe release of hostages.”

President of Egypt, King of Bahrain welcome cutting of diplomatic relations with Qatar

CAIRO: President of Egypt Abdel Fatah Al Sisi and His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain have said the decision to sever diplomatic ties came after the failure of all attempts to make Doha stop aiding and abetting the terrorist organisations.

They decried Qatar’s persistent interference in the internal affairs of Egypt, Bahrain and other Arab countries, in a manner that jeopardises their security and stability, endangers pan-Arab security and unity.

The remarks came during the talks held between the two leaders in Cairo on Thursday.

Egyptian Presidency Official Spokesman, Ambassador Alaa Youssef, said the issues pertaining to the distinguished relations between the two countries were tackled during the meeting.

The two parties also discussed several regional and international issues of mutual concern, and agreed on methods of addressing them. They called for stronger inter-Arab relations based on mutual respect, and non-interference in internal affairs of other countries.

They also called for collective international action to reach settlements to political crises unfolding in some countries in the region, in a way that preserves territorial integrity and stability of those countries.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister meets envoys of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt

MANAMA: Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, received Abdul Reda Abdullah Mahmoud Al Khouri, the UAE Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, and Suha Ibrahim al-Far, Ambassador of Egypt to Bahrain, in his office at the Ministry, on Thursday.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister welcomed the ambassadors and reviewed the distinguished relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the three countries. He also reviewed with them ways to strengthen the ties at all levels to serve common interests and meet the aspirations of the peoples of these countries for more prosperity.

The Bahraini minister expressed his gratitude for the principled and steadfast positions of these countries in solidarity with the Kingdom of Bahrain. He noted, “The unified collective stance reflects the common belief in the unity of destiny, purpose and determination to confront all threats to the Arab national security.”

The three ambassadors expressed their pride in meeting Bahrain’s Foreign Minister and in the historical relations they share with the Kingdom of Bahrain. They also praised the role of the Kingdom in strengthening these fraternal ties and building an effective model of partnership and co-operation at all levels to tackle challenges and risks. They wished greater progress for the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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By Eudore R Chand