Emirati squad rescues two nine days after quake

DG Staff

KAHRAMANMARAŞ, TÜRKIYE 15 February 2023: Colonel Khaled Al Hammadi, Commander of the Emirati Search and Rescue in Turkiye, has announced that the efforts of Emirati search and rescue squads succeeded, in cooperation with a French Rescue team, in saving two people in Kahramanmaraş, as part of the UAE’s “Gallant Knight/2” operation to support the victims of the recent earthquake.

The two men are 19 and 21 years old, respectively, and were rescued nine days after they were buried under the rubble following the earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria on 6th February.

Al Hammadi noted that the area is being surveyed by the police dog Unit (k9) of the Belarusian team, followed by another survey of the area by the Emirati team (k9) to ensure there are no other survivors.

He indicated that there is still hope of finding survivors, said Wam.

He also pointed out that the rescue and search teams’ efforts have contributed to saving many lives during the past few days.

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