Mom, three daughters rescued from abusive dad

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 10 March 2019: Dubai Police stepped in and rescued a mother and her three daughters from an abusive husband and dad.

The saga posted on Dubai Police’s Facebook page has drawn praise from all sections of the society.

“The General Command of Dubai Police has been able to resolve the problem of a mother and three daughters after more than 13 years of suffering,” said a Dubai Police statement.

The long suffering and pain of the mother and her three daughters was from psychological abuse and physical and moral deprivation by the unemployed father. It was repeated and deliberate mistreatment by the husband who is dependent on his wife.

His evading of his material and social responsibilities and severe verbal abuse let to mental illness in his minor daughters, who were not going to school.

Because of his behaviour, his daughters were in real danger, especially as strangers, who were friends of the husband, used to visit him at home.

Divorce Granted

The wife, fed up, finally asked for divorce. The court granted her custody of her children and obligated the father to spend on his daughters and provide housing. The father did not comply with the decision of maintenance, and continued to invent tricks and methods to get rid of the mother and his daughters from his house. She was living in a small unfurnished second floor of the villa.

The father did not pay electricity and water bills, and when water and power were cut off, it increased the suffering of the mother and her daughters.

Pleaded for Help

The mother first turned to community institutions that provided advice and guidance, but the father refused to communicate with them. After a long time, the mother communicate with the police through social networking sites, which immediately responded to her request. Immediate support was provided, which began with the restoration of electricity and water service to the house, providing for the needs of the children, providing the necessary protection for the children, and the father’s promise not to endanger his daughters.

The Victim Communication Program team also worked to secure a family home in cooperation with the Community Development Authority and concerned authorities.

Contact Police

Colonel Rashid Abdulrahman bin Zabawi Al Falasi, Director of the Department of Criminal Investigation, said, “We deal with family issues with great confidentiality. We try reform in the first place. We first take into account the interests of children.”

The program provides full care for the victims of criminal and traffic accidents from the security and humanitarian aspects, and guides the victims to the stages of police and judicial procedures.

The victim outreach program welcomes any problem or inquiry to provide the necessary support. It can be contacted on toll free number 901 or by email at or by visiting the Dubai Police website: