Covid law violators face up to Dh50,000 UAE fine

By Eudore R. Chand

UAE 27 March 2020: Anyone violating preventive measures and instructions given by the government to contain the coronavirus, Covid-19, will receive a fine not less than Dh500 and not more than Dh50,000, which can be doubled in the event of repeat offense.

According to regulations approved by the UAE Cabinet on violations of the preventive measures to contain the coronavirus, third-time violations will be referred to the federal crisis and emergency prosecution.

Violations will be recorded and warnings and directives will be issued and may be printed, and a report of such violations will be submitted if violators refuse to respond to warnings, said Wam.

However, any violation may be transferred to the Federal Public Prosecution if it is a punishable crime according to enforceable national laws, and an establishment violating the law may be closed for a period of up to six months, which can be extended.

The Ministry of Interior and police departments will be in charge of collecting fines from violators and may coordinate with relevant government authorities in the matter.

Violations and penalties

The new legislation, which includes a list of violations and resulting penalties is part of the government’s efforts to prevent the negative effects of coronavirus on the community, and protect the health and safety of citizens, residents and visitors, said Wam.

The legislation mandates that individuals and establishments must adhere to the preventive measures and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Ministry of Interior, and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, NCEMA, such as quarantine, not having contact with people who contracted the virus, and other related instructions.

The Ministry of the Interior, general headquarters of police around the country and judicial officers in federal and local government authorities are tasked with monitoring the compliance of individuals and establishments with the preventive measures and instructions issued by relevant authorities.

National committee setup to address economic impact

The Federal Cabinet approved a resolution for setting up a committee to address the negative impact of the coronavirus, Covid-19, on the national economy.

The resolution came in the wake of the recent Dh16 billion economic stimulus package approved by the cabinet as part of the Federal Government’s additional measures to support the national economy, ensure businesses continuity, and mitigate the coronavirus impact. The latest financial support complements those announced recently by the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, along with that of the Central Bank of the UAE, taking to Dh126.5 billion the total value of stimulus packages introduced since the Covid-19 outbreak to survive the current challenging conditions.

To be chaired by Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, and with representatives from different relevant bodies, the committee will propose necessary measures to limit the negative repercussions of the virus on human resources and the economy and submit them to the cabinet.

The committee’s mandate also includes implementation of these proposed measures in partnership with other relevant federal and local authorities.

The committee will also assess the real impact of these measures and their efficiency in responding to economic challenges arising from the COVID-19 crisis.

The committee will also present to the cabinet a weekly report on the latest economic developments under the current circumstances.

Measures to support suppliers to government

The Federal Cabinet approved a slew of measures to support services suppliers to the federal government entities as part of government’s efforts to support the national economy and contain economic impact of the coronavirus, Covid-19.

The cabinet directed federal ministries and bodies to fast track payments owed to suppliers within 15 days from the date of issuance of the resolution. Another resolution exempted suppliers affected by the Covid-19 crisis from fines for delays in regards to the execution of federal government contracts for a renewable three months.

The cabinet also directed that small and medium suppliers be awarded 90 percent of federal government purchases.

The cabinet recently approved an Dh16 billion economic stimulus package as part of the Federal Government’s additional measures to support the national economy.