India repatriates 20,473 foreigners amid pandemic

By DG staff

Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi

NEW DELHI 11 April 2020: India has sent back 20,473 foreigners who wished to return to their countries following the Covid-19 global pandemic.

“So far, we have successfully evacuated 20,473 foreign nationals as of yesterday. This is an ongoing process,” Dammu Ravi, Coordinator on Covid-19 issues at the Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, said.

“This involves several countries,” Ravi said during the daily government briefing on Covid-19, although he could not list the countries offhand. “We are receiving excellent cooperation,” from governments all over the world for this process.

Many foreigners, especially tourists were stranded in India when domestic and international flights were abruptly cancelled last month to halt travel transmission of the Coronavirus. The Ministry of Tourism here has asked stranded foreigners to get in touch with the government through a special portal started for the purpose, through their embassies in India and other sources to facilitate their evacuation if they wished to head home, said Wam.

At the time of writing, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has confirmed 6,761 Covid-19 cases in India, of whom 515 patients have been cured. There have been 206 deaths reported from across the country.

Two states, Punjab and Orissa, have extended the ongoing lockdown till April 30. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will consult state chief ministers on Saturday to decide whether to extend the country-wide lockdown which is due to end at midnight on April 14.



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